Hiring Transferable Skillsets in the Contact Centre Space

DATE: Thursday, July 22, 2021

TIME: 12-1 pm AST

Meeting ID: 946 203 1837
Passcode: 760094

In today’s ever-changing landscape, including a global pandemic, hiring new employees is more than a check box of particular skills to a job description. Transferable skills, once identified, increase your candidate talent pool allowing you to add depth to your employee skill sets and creates long term opportunities inside your organization for both the employee (career development) and yourself (employee retention) In this Lunch & Learn roundtable, we will discuss how transferable skills can align to your organization’s needs and how you can begin to easily implement them into your hiring process.

About the facilitator: Jen Warrington

Jen Warrington, Co-Founder of The Fusion Group Inc. has spent 15 years hiring top talent in the Contact Centre space while developing recruitment strategies that align with market trends and thinking outside the typical hiring box. Through the heavy demands of volume recruitment, she has found ways to build candidate pipelines, collaborate effectively with Hiring Managers and meet business objectives by meeting hiring and retention targets.


Jul 22 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm